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Benjamin is a husband and a father; a creative professional and a spiritual wanderer. Coming from the perspective of the Christian tradition, he was nevertheless always taught that all knowledge has limits and that healthy faith grows and changes. Fast forward to today and from the root of his own tradition has grown an ever expanding view of Christ, the Divine, and how love is at work in the world. 



Of the many reoccurring themes in Devin’s journey there has been depression, suicidal thoughts, self-destructive habits, and a continual wrestling with faith. Now, since attaining his greatest level of mental health, Devin has discovered new depths in his relationship with Jesus and the Divine.  In being a husband and father, Devin has found that life contains more joy and hope than he ever could’ve imagined.

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Andy is a seeker of good stories. He is drawn to the loving presence of the Divine and restless to discover a more compassionate and inclusive faith expression than his evangelical past could offer. As a former worship leader and lifelong questioner, Andy has processed much of his faith deconstruction while backstage or in front of a microphone.

When he’s not at work wearing his lucky astronaut shirt and rocketship socks, you can find him turning living rooms into performance stages with his three year old son & making inside jokes with his partner.

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Will deeply identifies with being spiritually homeless. Having worked with churches for the better part of a decade as a young adult, graduating Bible college, and dropping out of a seminary program, he has finally begun to find sense of community as he gave himself permission to stop looking for all the answers.

Having learned more about Christian theology and history, being certain of the church’s claim to truth brought only stress and pain; it was abandoning certainty that gave him the freedom to live and love in the ways he had been instructing others for so long. 

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Stephanie is a truth seeker. She has always appreciated interesting people and good books. The evangelical church had provided a safe place for her and those she loves for more than 40 years. But when she found out that she had a transgender daughter, her understanding of God, the bible and church were all challenged. She left church and eventually emerged as a Mama Bear, an activist dedicated to defending and supporting the marginalized LGBTQ community. Her faith continues to evolve as she reads and explores the many facets of God and creation.

Misty Woodland


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