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Atheism for Lent - Week 3: A Reflection

Sorry for the delay everyone, we've been working hard at making adjustments to life as things evolve surrounding the global health crisis. I know it's been a challenge for everyone with pockets of inspiration here and there as we see people come together to help each other out.

What a time to Be Alive...

Here are a few thoughts on week 3 of AfL.


A man whose whole family had died under torture, and who had himself been tortured for a long time in a concentration camp; or a sixteenth-century Indian, the sole survivor after the total extermination of his people. Such men if they had previously believed in the mercy of God would either believe in it no longer, or else they would conceive of it quite differently from before. I have not been through such things. I know, however, that they exist; so what is the difference?

I must move towards an abiding conception of the divine mercy, a conception which does not change whatever event destiny may send upon me and which can be communicated to no matter what human being."It was difficult to relate to the material this week. Until I read the quote above, from Simone Weil. Upon further reflection, it occurred to me how much my faith relied upon the people who taught me about faith. As long as my love and respect for those people remained intact, my faith did as well. But, when hypocrisy was revealed, respect was lost, and the foundation crumbled. I continue to pull on the yarn of this sweater which once represented the security of my own beliefs. I continue to seek a truth that aligns with my understanding of love, peace and respect. It still feels like this is where I belong for now.


This was a fun week. Not a ton of new things, but that's great after the emotional rollercoaster that was last week. This felt very familiar, which I was told may very well happen. The mystics feel like an excellent next step on this journey and on my personal journey. A lot of the conversation surrounding our inability to name the Divine (which places limits) is language that really speaks to me these days.

This week as a response to the content in week two feels like it very much follows the last year or two of my own life. I enjoyed the breather after last week and before diving into next week.

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Oct 09, 2020

I am catching up with the podcast, and am only on the second episode. I was brought up in England by now-atheist parents, who sent me to Church of England (aka Episcopal) 'Sunday School' - kids' church. Visiting American Assemblies of God services, I am often triggered. I cannot think of an example right now - but I wanted to let you know that I completely agree with what you said about the language used in churches and its power to be misunderstood.

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