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Why a podcast?

More people than ever are finding the faith they grew up with to be at odds with their own experience of the world. They encounter a world that is more complicated, more gray, filled with more hate and love then they ever thought possible. Many find that the answers their faith communities give to make sense of their experience are insufficient at best or hostile at worst. Still others are discouraged from asking questions altogether.

They were told that questions are a sign of doubt and doubt was the same as unbelief. 

They were told that you believe with every fiber of your being or you were an unbeliever to your core.

They were told that their status as part of the community was predicated on upholding a list of very specific beliefs and that those who believed even a little bit different were blasphemers, heretics, or simply misguided. 

They were told they needed to be certain

Just like everyone else was certain

What they were not told is the diversity of belief in the history of their own tradition.

Some were told they would never belong.

Many were told that they have no inherent worth.

Wretched from birth, they were sinners in the hands of an angry God. 

As if they were living thousands of years ago they were told to fear the divine out there.

They were never told to look for the divine right here.

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