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F*ck Valentine’s Day

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Several years ago, my wife stopped saying, “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

So many awkward questions... Who should we say it to? Is it sending the wrong message if I say it to this person versus that person? Coworkers? People visiting my place of business? Is it even worse if I say nothing about it at all?

Plus, the words brought so many mixed emotions. Inadvertently shitting on our single friends. Unintentionally, reminding our LGBT friends they may never get married (at this point gay marriage hadn’t been legalized nationwide yet). Bringing up painful memories for our divorced friends. The phrase just didn’t feel good enough anymore.

So she started saying, “Happy Love Day.”

And the flood gates opened. We were saying it to everyone. Who doesn’t want to get love in some sort of fashion? She switched and never looked back. And I was her first convert.

Recently, I was reminded of Carlos Rodriguez’s “the Bible is clear post.” In it, he talks about the ever-widening circle of inclusion in the Bible. I would like to continue that tradition here.

To any one who is are gay, straight, bi or any combination, God loves you. To my fellow humans who are black, indigenous, people of color, white or a beautiful mix (like myself), God loves you. If your ancestors were born here, migrated here or you yourself are an immigrant, God loves you. To the people who have been oppressed and victimized and their oppressors, God loves you.

So in case no one told you yesterday. Happy belated Love Day. You are loved by God just as you are.

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devin lisembee
devin lisembee
Feb 21, 2021

I think it’s been a solid 5 minutes and all I have to say is, “’re not totally wrong.” Happy belated love day. I love you, buddy.


Feb 16, 2021

Happy love day to you. But I rather suspect the Old Testament God doesn't understand love. To busy playing favorites in the Middle East and killing vast swathes of those he supposedly loves!

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